A Life Interrupted

Apologies, friends, for the long silence. Within days of my last post in September, my mother (pictured here) became ill, which made it necessary for me and my sister to provide 24/7 care so that she might live out the rest of her days in the comfort of her own home. Since there are only so many hours in a day, it was necessary for both of us to put on hold any and all activities that weren't essential to caring for her or caring for our own family household. Regrettably, favored pastimes like knitting and blogging and maintaining websites ranked low on my list of essential activities and, by necessity, were put on hold.

Mom passed away peacefully, at home, surrounded by her loving family two weeks ago. I am grateful I had the opportunity to be with her even to the end.

As I endeavor to pick up where I left off with this blog, I beg your continued indulgence if several days should pass without a new posting. To all of you who took the time to write me and post comments in my absence, be assured that I will make every effort to catch up on my correspondence to you as quickly as possible.

If you have not already done so, I'd like to encourage you to sign up for the RSS feed or e-mail subscription so that you easily receive notifications when something new has been posted here.

I'll be back soon...