Tagged! I'm "It"...

Marie of Knittedgems tagged me on her blog recently & I'm delighted to return the favor. You might remember Marie from an earlier post featuring her fantastic Big Dipper scarf. Marie markets patterns for her lovely designs on Etsy & through her new website. In addition to being a very talented fiber artist, Marie is a dedicated & prolific blogger who inspires me in so many ways.

One of my great joys is networking with other knit designers, Etsy shop owners, & yarn nuts of every stripe. It's an international community of creative friends that I can rely on for inspiration, advice, & just a little entertaining chit chat (because a woman cannot live on yarn alone). LOL Come join the fun & "tag" someone you love today.

The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

7 Facts About Me
1. I am unashamedly addicted to coffee - STRONG coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 - & am seldom seen without a cup nearby.

2. I am a seasoned veteran in the "battle of the bulge," but have never mastered the art of knitting while exercising.

3. I'm a "vocational adventurer." I've owned a bar, sold advertising, been a barber, a private eye for attorneys, & an artist (to name a few), but I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

4. If you are a Chinese Pug, I want you to come live with me.

5. I've rebuilt & restored 3 Volkswagen Beetles - with my own two hands.

6. I have a passion for High-Fashion & would pay a $1,000 for a Dolce & Gabanna sweater - if I didn't know how to knit something like it myself.

7. My favorite flower is the rose & I have over 125 varieties in my garden.

Tagging 7 People
1. Kibbles 'n Knits who, like me, has a hard time balancing a desire to make art, a desire to make money from art, and housekeeping
2. Camanomade, who creates gorgeous handspun yarn & writes one of the greatest informational blogs ever!
3. Dreamwoven, with her unique style of "wearable art" hats like you've never seen before.

4. Home Made Originals who shares my love of beautiful felted handbags.
5. Wooldancer whose handspun & hand painted designer yarns are simply out of this world.
6. sockprOn, whose forte is socks, of course, but also makes & sells exquisite stitch markers & is an generous promoter of other Etsy artists.
7. The Funky Felter , with her funky felt hats & more. Check out her funky felted rings & pendants. Where does she come up with these ideas?? Awesome.


  1. thanks for sharing on etsyFAST - the group is alittle too large to get to know pople so this was a coolway to learn a little bit moer about another member - I love the list of job you have had - it seems that you embarce life with a passion!


  2. Gosh, I think I'm still blushing from your kind words. Thank you so much!

    Can I tell you that I used to hate roses? Until I bought our house and 2 wild rose bushes came with the extensive garden. Now, I love them and have spent many hours saving them from my husband's lawn mower!

  3. Thank you so much for including me in this fun activity! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond . . . now I have to figure out just who to tag among our talented Etsy fiber artist and what facts to share. Oh, and if I see any Chinese Pugs, I'll send them your way LOL!

  4. i'm coming clean & admitting i suffer from the same addiction (see #1)! A thousand apologies for not posting sooner, & huge Thanks for tagging me too!! i'm on to it as soon as i return from a little beach-camping *-*

  5. Not sure I thanked you for tagging me. I've enjoyed looking at your blog.


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