Needle Felt Art - Landscape and Seascape

"South Fork Twilight" is another example of my exploration of needle felt artwork using unspun wool roving, yarns, and embroidery threads. It's a reconstructed memory of fall evenings sitting around the campfire on the bank of the south fork of the Skagit River and watching the moonlight play on the water.

I'm delighted to say that it sold at the art market within a couple of hours of opening. Size is 12x14 unframed. Framed and matted it measured 17x20".

I used the Husky embellisher (with its 5 felting needles) to lay down the large blocks of blended color in unspun wool roving. The highlight at the river bank and water shadows were added by hand with a single felt needle for tighter control. The trees are free-form machine embroidery in a blend of black and brown silk threads. The little sparkles on the river were hand-embroidered in silver metallic. I was so pleased with the final result, I was tempted to keep this piece in my private collection. I'm glad that I decided to price it and display it at the market, instead. It was a real traffic-stopper and I received many lovely compliments. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's no greater compliment an artist can receive than to meet someone who so admires your creation that they are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars to make it their own. THAT is pure joy!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. The moon is a wonderful touch.

  2. just got my first supplies to have a go, if I could create anything half as beautiful as this I will be happy.Scottish Granny

  3. To say this beautiful just doesnt cover it.. I love it!.. was wondering what you used for a backing? I've seen felting done on boiled wool for mittens and scarves. I'm inspired to try my hand at this. HMorrison

  4. Very beautiful work. Would love to hear more about how you do it! Do you have a favorite book you learned from? a favorite teacher? Have you put out a book?
    I'm really charged about this new technique and integrating it with my quilting.
    Thanks and nice to meet you.
    Cindy Richard

  5. super work and generous of you to give some ideas of how to do it.
    Best wishes for the future
    Chris W


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