DIY Network Tells Crafters To Take a Hike!

What have the programming gods at DIY been smoking?!? It all began several months ago with the disappearance of Vicky Howell's Knitty Gritty. Apparently, we didn't howl (pun intended) loud enough about losing that show, so the mental midgets at DIY Network decided to cancel the rest of the crafting lineup in favor of more home improvement shows. Are they nuts? I did (count them) ONE home improvement project this year (refinishing my wood floors) and in retrospect, I'd rather have my tits nailed to the table before I'll tackle a horrific job like that again. It was dirty, backbreaking work that took way more money and time to accomplish than anyone could ever imagine from watching a DIY show on the subject. I'm sure the only reason networks like DIY and HGTV continue to get program viewers is because do-it-yourself home improvement is like giving birth. Eventually, over time, we forget just how downright painful and expensive the whole experience was. On average, it takes about two years before we're willing to get pregnant again. That sounds about right. I'd love to remodel my kitchen, but it'll take at least two years for both my bank account to recover and for the miserable memories of the floor refinishing debacle to fade away.

On the other hand, I am an artist and a crafter every single day and enjoy every moment I can devote to being creative. Like you, I'm sure, I spend a good chunk of my discretionary income on crafting supplies...even in lean economic times. Come to think of it...ESPECIALLY in lean economic times, because it's the only relatively inexpensive recreation I enjoy. I'll drive less, turn down the thermostat, clip grocery coupons, and give up every other form of recreation so that I can afford a couple of skeins of yarn, or a few tubes of paint, or some other crafting supply I can't live without. The folks at DIY just don't get it. Which commercial message do you suppose grabs my attention and spurs me to go shopping - a sale on storm windows at Lowe's or a sale at Michael's?

Well, I say, the heck with DIY Network! I'll go back to getting my new crafting ideas and inspiration from fellow artists and crafters on the Internet - uncut and commercial free. And, when it comes time to tackle the kitchen remodel or the landscaping project, I'm sure I won't have any trouble finding all the do-it-yourself advice I need without wasting my time watching DIY or HGTV.


  1. AMEN! AMEN! – Just how many remodeling shows can you watch? How many remodeling jobs can you do? Now we are going into a recession, no one will have the big bucks to throw around - turning the hall closet into a three-room guest suite! But we will need the comfort of making something ourselves, of knowing we are helping the family budget by giving gifts we make, with our heart and soul infused into it and an overwhelming need to express our creativity. Thanks for voicing your opinion.

  2. Thank you for your comment, too. I hope you and others like us will take just a moment to e-mail the programming director(s) at DIY. The bigwigs won't realize how many viewers they've lost until they get the rating reports (probably months down the road). Better they should know now just how many of us have tuned them off.


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