3 Bags Fulled - Now with more style!

I'll admit it, I've been a delinquent blogger, but I'm determined to mend my ways. In an effort to breath new life into this blog, its poor mistreated followers (if any of you are still hanging in there) and, most of all, me. So....after three long hours in front of the 'puter redesigning these pages, I herewith present the all new and improved "3 Bags Fulled" - Now with more style! With lots of oranges and limes, it's refreshingly citrusy, don't you think?

Still having a few issues with some widgets not showing up, i.e. the Followers box through Friend Connect. A check into Google's help desk reveals that I'm not the only blogger experiencing this glitch, so I'll leave it to the geeks at Google to try to figure it out. It will take me awhile to verify my links. You could all do me a favor and let me know if you find any that are broken so I can get to them right away.

It won't happen tonite, but check back tomorrow for at least one new post on a new project I just put on the needles today - an Estonian lace shawl in the most exquisite teal laceweight Merino wool from Filatura Di Crosa - called Centolavaggi. This fiber is to die for and a hell of a bargain at $22.00 from my LYS for 1531 yards.

And, just because a girl can't be too thin or have too many knitting needles, I picked up a set of the new "Knit Picks" cable needles in Size 4, 24". I like 'em - a lot. Can't wait to show them to you.

Until tomorrow...

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