Attention Deficit Disorder & "The Artiste"

I've come to the conclusion that I must have an undiagnosed case of Attention Deficit Disorder! In the past week I have started 6 new projects &! Part of the problem, I know, is that I get so excited about a new design idea, I just put whatever I'm currently working on aside & jump right in to the new project.

I think it might help if I were the type of artist who comes up with an original design for, say, a purse & then proceeded to make a half dozen. That's more methodical & probably even more efficient, particularly for an artist, like me, whose focus is on selling her works & making a living. But, that's neither the way I work or, in fact, want to work. Here, again, I see evidence of the ADD. I NEVER do two of anything in a row. I just can't do it. I grow bored half way through the second one & it ends up in that great stash of "projects I'll finish someday." For example, the one project I have completed is a really nice rolled-brim felt hat - part of the new Fall designs. I like the design & enjoyed working it up, but I couldn't face doing another right away. Oh, I'll eventually make that half dozen purses, just not one right after another & no two ever exactly the same. Of course, that is one of the most marketable aspects of my creations - the fact that each is unique.

Come to think of it, maybe ADD isn't such a bad thing for me to have.


  1. i like your sustained use of the ampersand. at least you aren't half-assing that.

    love the blog. thanks for stopping by and i'll make sure to throw up a link for you tonight.


  2. I could have written this post! I CAN NOT do two items exactly alike. I am concerned that I may never be able to knit a pair of socks. I have only sold a few things but that has been part of my marketing from the beginning, there will never be another exactly like it.
    I enjoy your blog and love your work.



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