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Woke up this morning to a lovely message from Kesam in Israel. Kesam is a member of the Free Form Crochet group on Yahoo, too, & she was kind enough to take time to write & say nice things about my work & the new website. What a nice way to start the day!

The Free Form Crochet forum is a truly awesome gathering of incredibly talented & creative people from all over the world. I check in daily to read the posts & check out the latest photos. Always great inspiration, instruction, & encouragement from a great group of friendly people who welcome the "newbies" in with open arms & instant friendship. There's terrific diversity there, too. There are some "purists," of course, whose work is focused on free form, but there's also knitters & spinners & felters & fiber artists of every stripe. The common thread (pun intended) that holds us all together is an appreciation for the art of free form.

I'm a newcomer to the art & to the group, myself, having stumbled upon the link on someone else's blog or website a couple of months ago. Here's the photo that just blew me away & led me to this great group of folks:

This is the creation of Diane Olsen. How could anyone look at that & NOT want to know who created it, how it was done, & want to learn how to create such beauty themselves??? Check out for more info about this fabulous art form. There's a link there, too, to the Yahoo Group forum at

Now, I'm off to "scrumble" something up for a new bag I'm working on. Huge annual arts festival coming up this weekend & I want to have something there that will make people sit up & take notice.

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